Having no outstanding, individual, or unusual features. Unseen. Unknown. Unremarkable.
Reading these definitions brings something to my attention as I sit in this large, dark hall at my university. Am I Anonymous?
I’m not entirely sure of my moods lately.  This feeling of invisibility stems from a place deep down, and I’m afraid to recognize it. I’m afraid to venture back into the past, to dig up things that have haunted me for years, crippling me from moving on. I run into these fears at my darkest hour, allowing my brain to formulate false ideas and resisting change. But the burning question is, am I ready to move on? Am I ready to drastically change my life, allowing the shackles to fall, and allowing myself to grow?

The answer is yes. I am ready. Ready to defeat the dragon that guards the castle, to rescue myself from the horrors that possess me. I am ready. Being anonymous could allow me to finally face these things that I am so afraid of, afraid of becoming. I will not sit idly by and watching life go on around me. I will not sit here, full of woe and allow my past to control me. Not any longer.

Life happens outside of your comfort-zone. It’s time to shatter the frame, and live.


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