Stop; Relax, and breathe; It has to get worse before it gets better; But I can’t stop; But you can; Remember walking numbly, invisible to the world, and hiding; Make yourself visible; Don’t be afraid; But I am afraid; Stop; Relax, and breathe; It has to get worse before it gets better; Remember the things that mean the most; Your little sister is graduating today, as well as your brother; Remember your canine best friend, and although he may be gone, that doesn’t mean you have to be too; Remember how it felt the first time, and the times after that, why do it all again; Remember your high school best friend, and how proud she would be, but how disappointed she would be after you told her; Remember your grandfather, and how much you love him; Remember his old boots, and getting lost in his things; Remember how the snow fell in early November, when the leaves were almost gone; Gone; Remember December; Remember what it was like to be in love, and not with a boy, but with something; Remember the stars that summer, and how much it all meant; Remember her, and remember she forgives you; Remember the sun on your face, reflecting from the lake; Remember how much it made you smile, and how you wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world; Remember that light overpowers darkness; Darkness; Darkness; Remember how she made me feel, while I was hurting and broken, she took advantage and threw stones; Remember that first time, and although it hurt, it took away the pain; Remember how empty you felt; Remember when he left you alone; Remember when he marked your face, he said you deserved it, you believed him; Remember the heartbreak when your canine best friend said goodbye; Remember how much it hurt when you heard ‘it’s over’; Remember when she ripped it up; Remember the times when your little sister said she hates you; Remember when your mother slapped you; Remember when you were all alone, with no one; Remember when it all started; Remember when you got better; Remember the relapse; Remember how much you’ve hurt; Remember how much you are loved; Whatever you do, remember, stop; Relax, and breathe; It has to get worse before it gets better.


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